Gliders & Small AUVs

Slocum Gliders

The Slocum gliders are smaller, buoyancy driven AUVs that boast long range and duration remote water column observation for academic, military, and commercial applications. The Slocum Glider can be deployed and recovered from any size vessel with minimal time on station.

Once the Slocum glider is deployed, it can easily be controlled from anywhere in the world through the use of web based piloting tools. This allows fleets of gliders to be operated remotely with minimal personnel and infrastructure.

AOSCENT has a fleet of 9 Slocum Underwater Gliders and a range of other instrumentation to assist oceanographic research.

Please visit for more details on the equipment, sensors and capabilites available in the Glider and Small AUV Lab.

Slocum Glider

Main Equipment:

 9 Slocum Gliders (Teledyne) & 1 500m AUV EcoSub (Planet Ocean)


 Oxygen, Temperature, Salinity, CO2, pH, Plankton, Oil, 

 Turbidity, Currents, Biomass, Hydrophones

Deployment Length:

 1-300 days 

Depth Options:

 50-1000 m


 Inertial, Compass, Acoustic and GPS



Horizontal Speed:

 0.25 and up to 1m/s with hybrid thruster (Glider)

Other Equipment:

 CTDs, Mooring Gear, Profiling Gear, Water Quality Testing Equipment