Research Team

The project is headed by a four-person research team in the Linguistics Department at Memorial University: Julie Brittain (project director), Carrie Dyck, Yvan Rose and Marguerite MacKenzie

We are also grateful to the expertise of the Cree language experts who have worked with us over the years, transcribing the speech captured in our video recordings into Cree orthography and providing English translation. Through this collaborative work we enhance our understanding of the grammar of Northern East Cree and gather new words to contribute to the lexicon (see Our thanks to the following Cree language experts for their participation in the CCLAS project:

  • Darlene Bearskin Kitty (Project Manager, Chisasibi, 2003-2007)
  • Mimie Neacappo (Project Manager, 2015)
  • Alice Duff (Consultant)
  • Luci Bobbish Salt (Consultant)

One of the achievements of CCLAS has been to develop protocols for data collection (videoing), data processing (organizing, transcribing and translating into English the language from the videos) and training project personnel. We hope in the future to have the opportunity to share the benefit of our experience with any community wishing to start an acquisition study of their own.