CCLAS Families

All of the families who volunteered to take part in CCLAS did so at a certain amount of inconvenience to themselves. They accommodated us in their busy schedules for two and a half years, allowing us into their homes and into their lives. We can't thank them enough for having given us this chance. They also took considerable time to understand the goals of our project, and for this reason volunteered to take part.

In order to respect the privacy of the families participating in CCLAS, the identities of the children and their parents or guardians are never disclosed. Each of the three children in the study is referred to by their code-names: Ani, Billy and Daisy; these are not their real names. Even the students at Memorial University who process the recordings don't know the identity of the children.

Some of the children were filmed at home, others were filmed at the Anjabowa Childcare Centre in Chisasibi, to whom we owe a debt of thanks for accommodating us for the two and a half years during which we filmed. Families are protected by the CCLAS Parent/Guardian Consent Form.

All of the families taking part in CCLAS use Cree as their primary language of communication at home so that the children in the study are growing up in Cree-speaking homes. This was the most important factor we considered when assessing whether a family was eligible to take part in the study.