Chisasibi is one of nine East Cree communities in Quebec (along with Whapmagoostui, Eastmain, Nemaska, Waskaganish, Wemindji, Mistissini, Waswanipi and Ouje-Bougoumou. We provide some links here, which will take you to sites that will tell you about Chisasibi, and the other eight East Cree-speaking communities.

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The northern dialect is spoken in Whapmagoostui, Chisasibi and Wemindji. The southern dialect is spoken in Waskaganish, Nemaska, Waswanipi, Ouje-Bougoumou and Mistissini, and Eastmain is in between northern and southern dialects. The southern dialect area further subdivides into coastal and inland dialects. Eastmain and Waskaganish are coastal and Nemaska, Waswanipi, Ouje-Bougoumou and Mistissini are inland.