East Cree (Southern and Northern dialects) is a variety (or 'dialect') of the language linguists refer to as 'Cree-Montagnais-Naskapi'. This language belongs to the Algonquian language family (Central Algonquian). Varieties of the language spoken in Labrador, which used to be referred to as either Montagnais or Naskapi, are nowadays referred to as 'Innu-aimun'. You can see a map of all the different dialects, and hear sample sentences from different dialect areas across Canada, by clicking on the Linguistic Atlas map (link below) at This website has many language resources for speakers of East Cree, or for anyone interested in the language, including an online lexicon, grammar and sound files of traditional stories.

Some links to check out.

  • The Sounds of East Cree part of this website provides information about the sound system of East Cree and allows you to listen to sample sentences.
  • Stories from many different Cree communities, narrated in Cree, as well as in English and French.