CCLAS is a research project which is based on video-recordings we have made of young children. Protecting the privacy of the children and the families is a priority of the project. Our CCLAS Parent/Guardian Consent Form details the ethical issues raised by our study and lays out guidelines which seek to protect all parties involved (participants, researchers and the community at large). This document was created in 2004 in consultation with various community bodies in Chisasibi (we discussed the document with, and received advice from, individuals working with the Cree School Board, the Cree Board of Health, and Anjabowa Childcare Centre). We also paid close attention to the guidelines laid out in the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans. The consent form has been approved by the Interdisciplinary Committee on Ethics in Human Research (ICEHR) at Memorial University.

Any ethical concerns with respect to the CCLAS project may be brought to the attention, either of the project director, Julie Brittain (, or the Chair of the ICEHR (