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Our current Labour Market Observer (LMO) writer is Beatrix Abdul Azeez, a third-year undergraduate student pursuing a B.A. with the Economics Co-Operative Education Option (ECEO) at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Beatrix has a keen interest in international relations and international development and is particularly intrigued by the workings of the global economy. Beatrix began working on the LMO in Spring 2019. The LMO helps to serve CARE’s mandate, which is to promote a greater understanding of our economy and any wider social impacts.

LMO Author: Beatrix Abdul Azeez (BA ECEO student, Memorial University of Newfoundland)

Editor: Dr. Lynn Gambin, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
Memorial Unversity of Newfoundland

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March 2017 "First in Brier, Last to Hire"

February 2017 "Much Like The Weather, Unemployment Figures Harsh"

January 2017 "New Year, Old Problems?"?

November 2016 "Youth and the Labour Market, "A" for Effort, "D" for Success."

October 2016 "A Big Dip"

September 2016: "Youth These Days"

August 2016 "Summertime Soundness"

July 2016: "Steady As She Goes"

June 2016"Summer Job Market Creeping In" New

May 2016: "Spring Shoots Up"

April 2016: "Beware of the Budget!"

February 2016: "Calm Before The Storm?"

January 2016: "Employment Continues Its Downward Trend"

Archived Editions of Labour Market Observer


"Payroll Employment in Newfoundland and Labrador", November 28, 2016, Dr. Doug May

Labour Market Commentaries:

"What are Employment Levels and Growth/Contraction Rates in NL"?, Doug May, March 2016

"The Rise and Fall of the Public Sector in Newfoundand and Labrador"
Doug May, Department of Economics and FBA, November 2015


Review 2000-2014:

Turning Points - "provides a closer look at changing labour market conditions in NL during the first fifteen years of the 21st Century."


Labour Market Investigations:

The Economic History of Women in Newfoundland and Labrador (Oct 2016)

A Tale of Two Provinces (Aug 2015)

The Gender Wage Gap (May 2015)

NL Human Capital Strategy (April 2015)

Our past Observer writers are Beatrix Abdul Azeez, she is a BA ECEO student at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Troy Osmond, who completed his MA and B.Sc. in Economics at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Our hope is that the Observer will serve CARE’s mandate, which is to promote a greater understanding of our economy and any wider social impacts.