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October 2014 - "No Halloween Treats for the Province in October's Employment Numbers."

November 2014 - "Remember, Remember, Expected Gains of November."

December 2014 - "The Beat Goes On." Employment Levels Keep Falling.

February 2015 - "Slide in Employment Numbers Contiues."

March 2015 - "March Holds Steady, But Year-Over-Year Changes Miss the Mark."

April 2015 - "April Showers Spur Employment Flowers."

May 2015 - "From April to May"

May 2015 - "A Job Well Done' is Bad News for Construction Workers."

June 2015 - "May Jumps Reverse in June?"

June 2015 - "Cold Days of June Cools Down Youth Employment."

July 2015 - "Low Loonie Not Increasing Canadian Manufacturing Employment... Yet."

August 2015 - "Part-Time Employment Rises in August, While Full-Time Falls."

August 2015 SEPH - "Employment Declines Across All Sectors in August."

September 2015 - "Goods-Producing Industry has Largest Month Over Month Decline in 10 Years."

October 2015 - "Unemployment Rate Falls to 13.0% as 2,500 People Leave the Labour Force."