Current Projects

1. The Macroeconominic Impacts of Research and Development
Investigators: Wade Locke & Scott Lynch (Ongoing)

2. CAREFOR - An Economic Forecast of the Provincial Economy
Investigator: Scott Lynch (Ongoing)

3. Taxation in Newfoundland and Labrador
Investigators: Paul Hobson & Wade Locke (Ongoing)

4. Cultural and Heritage Resource Accounts A Path to Community Development and Well-being
Investigators: Doug May (Ongoing)

5. Microeconomic Behavioural Parameters: Establishing Cross-Provincial Benchmarks :
Investigators: Jason Childs, Wade Locke & Rob Muir

6. The Relationship Between the Internationalization of Canada's Trade in Advanced Services and Total Factor Productivity Growth
Investigators: Michael Wernerheim & Jane Waples

7. Knowledge Translation for Labour Market Information and BLI for Canadian Provinces
Investigators: Lynn Gambin and Doug May (Ongoing)

8. Economics and Environmental Impact of 2014-2015 Oil Price Shocks in NL and AB,
Investigators: Patrick Withey

9. Economics Impact of Cruise Tourism in Atlantic Canada
Investigators: Kayahan & Klein

10. A Case Control Study of the Financial Impact of Cancer in Young Adults
Investigators: Garland, Eaton, Chalifour & Clair 

11. The Implication of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea for Economic and Financial Viability of Offshore Oil Projects in Newfoundland and Labrador Located Outside of the 200 Exclusive Economics Zone
Investigators: Wade Locke and Nahid Masoudi

12. A Comparison of the Economic and Fiscal Implications of Newfoundland and Labrador in Switching from Its Existing Generic Offshore Oil Royalty to an R-Factor Royalty
Investigators: Wade Locke and Nahid Masoudi

13. Labour Market Returns to Apprenticeship Training in Newfoundland and Labrador
Investigators: Lynn Gambin and Derek Messacar

14. Social Progress Analysis for Newfoundland and Labrador
Investigators: Petr Kocourek and Derek Messacar

15. An Empirical Analysis of Electricity Consumption in Newfoundland and Labrador
Investigator: Scott Lynch

Labour Market Information
Investigators: Lynn Gambin and Troy Osmond

17. Community Belonging and Labour Market Outcomes in Atlantic Canada: New Evidence from Linked Survey-Administrative Data
Investigator: Doug May

18. Pathways to Retirement, Well-Being, and Mandatory Retirement Rules: Evidence fr
Investigators: Derek Messacar and Petr Kocourek

19. Student/Youth Minimum Wages and Teen Employment in Canada (Draft)
Investigators: Derek Messacar and Daniel Moore