Peer note taker

students studying A peer note taker is a class mate who volunteers to share their notes with a student with a disability. The Blundon Centre provides NCR (No Carbon Required) paper to students free of charge for this purpose.

Students are encouraged to try and find their own peer note taker by approaching a class mate. If they are unable to find anyone to assist them, they could ask their professor(s) to help them by making an announcement during the class. Students should advise their professor(s) if they wish to remain anonymous in the classroom when the announcement is being made.

If students need support developing self-advocacy strategies (e.g., how to ask a class mate to be their peer note taker or how to ask their professor to make an annoucement in the classroom to help them find a peer note taker), they can contact the University Counselling Centre for assistance.

If a student's professor requests information on how to help them find a peer note taker, refer them to the For Faculty section of this website.


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