Dr. Lisa-Jo K. van den Scott

Associate Professor (Ph.D. Northwestern University)

Research Interests

Space and Place, Time, Qualitative Methods, Symbolic Interaction, Northern Studies, Culture, Science and Technology Studies

Contact Information

Ph: 709 864 8677
Em: lvandenscott@mun.ca
Office: AA4061

Personal Profile

Dr. van den Scott began her academic career with an M.A. in Classics from Memorial University. Soon after graduating, she moved with her spouse to Nunavut, where she lived for five years. Eventually it became obvious to her that she could no longer deny her inner sociologist. With the guidance of Inuit community in which she resided, she began to do sociological research in this hamlet. Gradually she noticed how differently walls were treated both among families in this community, and across other cultures she encountered in her travels. From here she began to develop a Sociology of Walls, building on the work of others who had researched architecture, buildings, and space and place. She found the generosity and compassion of Inuit remarkable as they encouraged her work. She is currently working on a book which introduces a more formal Sociology of Walls, and examines the relationship of Inuit of one hamlet to their housing and the spaces of their everyday lives. She finds this is intimately tied to identity performance. Van den Scott has also published on reality TV and has an interest in the Sociology of Time, as well as deep roots in Symbolic Interactionism.

Office Hours

by appointment


Dr. van den Scott regularly teaches seminar courses in the sociology of space and the sociology of time, in addition to qualitative methods and contemporary social theory.

Letter to students:

2019 Helena Lopata Mentor Excellence Award. Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction


Editor-in-Chief, Symbolic Interaction

The Avalon Research Society (co-Founder) www.aspaceforplace.com

Anglo-Nordic Network of Social Research, Featured Member

Annual Qualitative Analysis Conference, Conference Co-Organizer 2014-present



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Articles and Book Chapters

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