Lasting impact

ir-Lasting-ImpactA chance encounter during a part-time placement led Alyssa King from a Bachelor of social work (BSW) to the new master of business administration in social enterprise and entrepreneurship (MBA-SEE).

Ms. King first discovered social enterprise through a Work Experience in Social Enterprise (WESE) placement at Stella's Circle, a not-for-profit community organization that offers housing, employment and other community supports while operating a number of social enterprises. Working with Hungry Heart Café and Clean Start, Ms. King saw first hand the positive impact a social enterprise can have on individuals and their community.

"Social enterprise allows me to use my social work skills along with my newly obtained business skills, which I will apply together going forward to successfully meet a double/triple bottom line.” – Alyssa King

During her WESE placement, Ms. King worked directly with a bachelor of commerce student, which was her first exposure to the business side of social enterprise. This collaboration, along with other concepts learned throughout her placement, inspired her to enter the new MBA-SEE program.

Ms. King's experience continues to open doors for herself and others. She arranged for her social work practicum to take place at Stella’s Circle, where she was hired full-time as an employment counsellor after completing her undergraduate degree. She will return to this position after her MBA-SEE is complete.