Social enterprise at Memorial

The Centre for Social Enterprise (CSE) raises individuals and communities to new heights.

With generous support from the public and private sector as well as community partners, the CSE is cultivating a new generation of socially-inspired business leaders through unique programming, a collaborative start-up environment and student work experiences embedded in communities.

Through a variety of activities that includes student work experience in social enterprise, the Social Ventures Incubator, a graduate program in social enterprise and entrepreneurship and special events, the CSE thrives as a distinct hub within the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Memorial University and in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The CSE strives to support the continued momentum of social enterprise as a way to elevate individuals and communities to new heights of health, happiness and prosperity.


Memorial student plays key role in project launch

Ventures create positive social change through social entrepreneurship

Lillian Saul is an unexpected social entrepreneur. Her passion began in her work as a commercial fishing deckhand in Maine and Alaska, where she learned about contracting her own labour and being self-employed.