New version of the University's policy database now live!

Mar 22nd, 2016

Policy Office

New version of the University's policy database now live!

The policy office is pleased to announce that version 3 of the University‚Äôs policy database is live, effective March 22, 2016.  Upgrades include:

  • the ability to browse the database by procedures; Procedures may be viewed independent of their parent policy, sorted by either Responsible Unit (the unit responsible for reviewing and updating a procedure based on technological, operational, or organizational changes), or by the year in which they were approved
  • ability to view approval and effective dates for procedures
  • an improved layout of policy attributes, e.g., approval and effective dates
  • in Browse Policy, the expand button ([+]) appearing only for policies where there are associated procedures.
  • an improved functioning for downloading unofficial policy versions : ability to choose which if any related procedures will be downloaded with the policy, and a more user-friendly Word file.   Remember that the online version is the official version of policy and procedures. 

A special thanks to go to members of the Policy Database Users Group for their valuable input and to staff from Information Technology Services who developed and delivered this latest version, including Brad Reid, Melanie Burgess, Dave Cantwell and Laura Pike.