Change to the Travel - General policy regarding air travel

Dec 22nd, 2015

Policy Office

Change to the Travel - General policy regarding air travel

Vice-Presidents Council has approved an incidental amendment to the Travel – General policy in the requirement of boarding passes as the sole document to support proof that travel by air occurred.  Effective December 8, 2015, the traveler now has several options for acceptable documentation to support proof of air travel:

  • A boarding pass (paper or printed copy of the image of an electronic boarding pass), that clearly indicates flight information, or
  • A hotel invoice at the travel destination, or
  • Taxi/transit receipts to/from the airport destination, or
  • record of conference attendance

If there is no other documentation available that supports proof of air travel to the destination, the traveler must include a signed statement attesting that they reached the destination(s) using the flight cost(s) claimed.

Please browse the policy collection to view the Travel - General policy, with the updated Item 7 of the Guidelines for Claimable Expenses section.