Policy Review Checklist

The Policy Framework requires that policies be reviewed at least every four years unless otherwise stated in the policy. Here are the types of questions that should be considered while reviewing policies:

  • Is the policy consistent with the core values and principles, mission and strategic plan of the University?
  • Have there been deviations from the policy over the past year? If yes, were there a sufficient number to consider revising the policy?
  • Are there ambiguities in the policy statement? Are there questions arising from this policy? (if yes, perhaps the policy needs rewording for greater clarity)
  • Does the policy comply with current legislation?
  • Does the policy comply with collective agreements?
  • Have practices been adopted that are no longer consistent with the policy statement?
  • Are there any contradictions within the policy statement?
  • Does the policy contradict other policies?
  • Is the policy consistent with current technology?
  • Is language within the policy statement current?
  • Is the policy consistently interpreted?
  • Are the related procedures relevant and up to date?
  • Should the scope (i.e., to whom or what it applies) be modified?


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