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Procedure for Alcohol-related Advertising

Approval Date: 2016-11-15

Effective Date: 2016-11-15

Responsible Unit: Ancillary Operations


These advertising procedures apply to all groups operating under the Memorial University of Newfoundland Liquor License including liquor establishments and all events where alcoholic beverages may be served or consumed.

• Advertising must be approved by the appropriate person or designate:

St. John's Campus - Ancillary Operations 
Marine Institute - Marine Institute Student Union
Grenfell Campus - Student events GCSU 
Non-student events - Administration and Finance

• Posters will not be considered for approval until all appropriate forms, as set out in Procedure to Plan an Event Involving Alcohol, have been approved.

• On-campus advertising includes the use of radio facilities at C.H.M.R, the MUSE, campus bulletin boards, the Gazette, etc. These regulations also apply to web-based advertisements (or e-mail based, where approved) within the name space, or in any web space under the control of representatives of Memorial employees or student bodies. Use of e-mail for advertising purposes is generally unacceptable; e-mails to specific subscribers, such as a departmental social club, may be permitted if approved by an authorizing party as under Responsibilities in the Alcohol Policy.

• Advertising on campus will not be permitted for alcohol-related events which are held off campus unless the event has been sanctioned by Memorial University of Newfoundland, has the approval of the appropriate person as identified above and the permission of bulletin board owners/maintainers.

• Advertising shall not refer to the company name, logo or brand name of a brewery or distillery and shall not promote the use of these products.

• Advertisements must comply with copyright regulations in the use of text or images. If questions arise in this area, Marketing and Communications are available to act in an advisory role. Any approval of Marketing and Communications must be included in writing or electronically to supplement the advertising approval procedures outlined here.

• All advertising shall clearly state that picture identification for nineteen (19) years of age shall be required and indicate that non alcoholic beverages are available.

• Advertising shall not include:

a) Any material that is sexist, racist or otherwise insulting to an individual or group. 
b) Profanity or nudity. 
c) The name of any high-ball or cocktail
d) Materials that promote consumption, speed consumption or consumption to excess. 
e) The price of the product or beverages.

• All posters must be placed in areas designated for the purpose. Walls, floors, ceilings and glassed areas are not designated areas. No poster larger than 8 by 14 inches shall be placed on any notice board. No more than one poster shall be placed on any notice board.

• Advertising in violation of these regulations may be removed and the group involved may be penalized by cancellation of the function and/or future functions.


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