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Procedure to Establish a Permanent Position

Approval Date: 2015-06-11

Effective Date: 2015-06-11

Responsible Unit: Department of Human Resources


To establish a permanent position, a unit must submit the following information to the Department of Human Resources:

  • a list of duties
  • the proposed reporting relationship
  • the proposed classification level
  • the rationale for requesting the position and history/description of how the need for the permanent post arose
  • details on whether the post is currently being filled on a contractual basis and how long this contract has existed
  • confirmation of the source (i.e. operating, revenue, cost-recovery) and availability of funds, and
  • suitable work space availability.

The request is reviewed in detail by the Department of Human Resources, which assigns the appropriate classification and assesses whether sufficient justification exists to establish the permanent position. The unit is contacted if additional elaboration is required. If it is determined that it would be appropriate to recommend the permanent position, the Department of Human Resources prepares the documentation to the Vice-Presidents Council.

Upon receipt of the approval of the Vice-Presidents Council, units are notified of the position establishment in writing by the Department of Human Resources.


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