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Procedure for Change of Location while Outside of Canada

Approval Date: 2015-03-12

Effective Date: 2015-03-12

Responsible Unit: Internationalization Office


Travelers engaged in travel outside of Canada for University-related activities are permitted to partake in additional travel, and to change location from the previously specified destination(s) for University-related activities. Pre-departure support of travel to the original destination(s) does not include travel to other, previously unspecified, destinations.

When changing location to a previously unspecified destination(s), the Traveler/Activity Coordinator will:

1. Determine the DFATD travel advisories for the new destination(s). The DFATD travel advisories are available here:

2. Refer to the Travel Outside of Canada for University-related Activities table included in this procedure.

Travel Outside of Canada for University-related Activities


DFATD Travel Advisory
For Destination

TOC Committee
Review Required

Exercise Normal Security Precautions


Exercise a High Degree of Caution


Avoid Non-Essential Travel


Avoid All Travel

Not Applicable

3. Contact the Travel Outside of Canada (TOC) Committee if the specific destination has a DFATD travel advisory of “Avoid Non-Essential Travel”, in accordance with the Procedure for Travel to High Risk Areas.

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