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Procedure for Travel to High Risk Areas

Approval Date: 2015-03-12

Effective Date: 2015-03-12

Responsible Unit: Internationalization Office


Destinations assigned a DFATD travel advisory of “Avoid Non-Essential Travel” are deemed high risk. Travel to high risk destinations, for University-related activities, requires additional risk assessment and a personal Traveler safety plan. The Travel Outside of Canada (TOC) Committee guides Travelers in the completion of the additional risk assessment and the personal Traveler safety plan.

A.When requesting review of travel outside of Canada to destination(s) with a DFATD travel advisory of “Avoid Non-Essential Travel”, the Traveler/Activity Coordinator will: 

  1. Complete the Risk Assessment and Personal Safety Plan found here: Visit
  2. Forward the completed Risk Assessment and Personal Safety Plan to the International Office, preferably via email.
  3. Should the travel advisory change closer to departure, contact the TOC Committee immediately, through the International Office through .             

B.Upon receiving the Risk Assessment and Personal Safety Plan, the Chair of the TOC Committee, or delegate, will:

  1. Provide the Traveler/Activity Coordinator with a prompt and written response.
  2. Activate a TOC Committee meeting.
  3. Provide a copy of the TOC Committee’s written response to the Traveler, Activity Coordinator and Traveler/Activity Coordinator’s Unit Head.

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