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Procedure for Probationary Review

Approval Date: 2014-12-01

Effective Date: 2014-12-01

Responsible Unit: Department of Human Resources


The probationary review process will normally occur in the manner and sequence noted below. 

1) Before Employment

The duration of the probationary period will be specifically indicated in the employee's original letter of appointment as provided by the Department of Human Resources, or referred to as an aspect of the University's Terms and Conditions for Non-Bargaining Employees as appropriate.

2) First Two Weeks of Employment

In accordance with the University's Job Specific Orientation (see Employee Orientation Process), the employee's immediate supervisor will review the new employee's job requirements and related performance standards and expectations during the first two weeks of employment. The immediate supervisor will also review the probationary review process and indicate how the employee will be reviewed during the probationary period.

3) During the Probationary Period

The immediate supervisor will meet periodically with the new employee on at least a bi-monthly basis during his/her probationary period for the purpose of providing feedback regarding the employee's performance, and to discuss any concerns the employee may have. Any concerns regarding the employee's performance or suitability generally should be discussed with the employee as and when they arise.

4) Last Month of Probationary Period

At the beginning of the last month of the employee's probationary period, the Unit Head will be sent a Probationary Review Report form for completion and return to the Department of Human Resources. In this Report, both the employee's immediate supervisor and the respective Unit Head will be asked to indicate the following:

a. Any suitability or performance concerns that were discussed with the employee during the course of the probationary period;

b. The dates on which probationary review meetings were held with the employee;

c. The Unit Head’s recommendation regarding confirmation of permanent status:

i.   Recommend confirmation, or

ii.  Recommend termination, or

iii.  Recommend extension of probationary period.

d. If confirmation of permanent status is not recommended, the Unit Head’s reasons for either recommending termination or extension are to be supplied.

The employee's immediate supervisor will meet with the employee prior to the end of the probationary period to confirm the outcome of the probationary review process.

5) End of Probationary Period

a. The Department of Human Resources or the Campus Human Resources Designate will issue the necessary follow-up documentation to the employee either confirming his/her employment on a permanent basis, or indicating termination, as appropriate. Any recommendation to extend an employee's probationary period will require the prior approval of the Director of Human Resources or Campus Human Resources Designate.


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