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Procedure During an Event Involving Alcohol

Approval Date: 2013-09-24

Effective Date: 2013-09-24

Responsible Unit: Ancillary Operations


The Procedure During an Event Involving Alcohol applies to all events involving alcohol, including those held at Liquor Establishments.

The Organizer(s) of an event involving alcohol is/are responsible for mitigating all foreseeable risk to individuals attending that event. Therefore, the organizer(s) must ensure the following criteria are met during each event:

1. Keep attendance at a reasonable and responsible level in accordance with the limits set by the Office of the Fire Commissioner and the Newfoundland Liquor Licensing Board.

2. Display a valid Liquor License at all times during the event.

3. Where appropriate, make general announcements during the event and/or ensure that written notifications are visible regarding not drinking and driving.

4. Refuse admission to the event by any person under 19 years of age. Ensure proof of age (photo ID) is produced on request in accordance with the provincial government guidelines.

5. Limit the amount of alcohol available. Provide Non-Alcoholic Beverages (NABS) for the duration of the event. At a minimum, provide finger food for events between 1 and 3 hours duration. Provide a meal or food equivalent to a meal for events in excess of 3 hours.

6. Ensure anyone providing bar service has completed The Server Intervention Training Program (SIT), wears the Server Intervention Training Badge while serving and refrains from consuming alcohol prior to serving and until serving duties have finished for the event.

7. Serve beverages in plastic or aluminum containers, unless otherwise provided for in the Procedure to Plan an Event Involving Alcohol.

8. For events where alcohol is sold, the prices must be at least the minimum market prices as set by the Liquor Board.

9. Provide no more than two alcoholic beverage tickets per person for any event.

10. Ensure all alcohol served is opened. Ensure attendees do not remove opened alcohol from the event.

11. If alcohol is included in a prize draw, it must be provided in the form of a voucher.

12. DO NOT serve alcohol after 1 a.m.

13. Terminate alcohol service 30 minutes prior to the end of an event, pursuant to the Liquor Control Act.

 14. Refuse admission to the event to any person who appears to be intoxicated.

 15. Take all reasonable steps to ensure that any individual in attendance who appears to be intoxicated is given whatever assistance is required to prevent injury to themselves and others, including:

a. Encourage the consumption of Non Alcoholic Beverages (NABS) as well as food.
b. Monitor the individual and speaking during the event with the individual regarding not driving, particularly as the individual is leaving.
c. Ensure safe ride options are available.

16. Refuse alcohol service to any person who appears to be intoxicated.

17. Should an individual in attendance become disruptive or unruly, contact Campus Enforcement and Patrol or the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary to assist.

18. Should an individual in attendance be unresponsive to directions given, become disruptive or unruly, or require medical attention contact:

a. Campus Enforcement and Patrol at 709-864-4100 on the St. John's campus
b. Royal Newfoundland Constabulary at 709-729-8000 at the Marine Institute 
c. Campus Enforcement and Patrol at 709-637-6200, Ext. 6103 at Grenfell Campus.

19. Liquor Service Inspectors or Campus Enforcement and Patrol personnel may visit an event to conduct an inspection. Adhere to any instructions given by the Liquor Services Inspector or CEP personnel, for the duration of the event.

20. At the end of the event, discard all served, unconsumed alcohol.

21. Report to Liquor Services, in writing, any accident or incidents that occurred during the event, on the next business day.

 Liquor Services must ensure the following:

1. The Liquor Services Inspector visits all Student Events on the St. John's campus except those held at the Health Sciences Centre in which case a CEP members visits. The Inspector or CEP member may provide instructions to the Organizer for adherence during the event.
2. The Inspector completes the Alcohol Inspection Checklist.
3. Any completed Alcohol Inspection Checklist are returned to Liquor Services.

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