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Procedure for Proposal Call for Leased Space

Approval Date: N/A

Effective Date: N/A

Responsible Unit: Department of Facilities Management


1. When a University Department identifies a need for additional space, the Dean or Director should follow the steps outlined in the Procedure for Requesting Additional Space for New Activities.

2. In accordance with that Procedure, once it has been determined that leasing of external space is required, the Vice-President's Space Committee will advise the Dean or Director of that outcome.

3. The Dean or Director should contact the Procurement Officer who will review the request and advise on whether a tender or a proposal call for external space is required.

4. Depending on the nature of the space required, specifications may take substantial time to develop. Adequate notice must be provided to ensure needs may be met.

5. The Procurement Officer will complete or arrange for the completion of space architectural specifications in conjunction with Facilities Engineering and Development of FM and/or outside consultants.

6. Where it has been determined by the Procurement Officer and the requesting section that the term cost will be less than the public tender threshold, the Procurement Officer will:

a. review the requirements of the request and prepare the specifications for a proposal call.

b. compile a general specification information package in conjunction with Facilities Engineering and Development and/or outside consultants for all proposals.

7. All tendering actions will be in accordance with limitations set out in the Public Tender Act. If it is deemed that the estimated term cost will be in excess of public tender thresholds or the space is required in excess of 12 months duration, the space will be obtained through the public tender process.

8. Tender specifications for leased space will require a minimum of a three- and a maximum of a five-year term unless particulars of a given request dictate that a lesser period is necessary (for example, short-term requirements).

9. All tender calls for leased space will specify a cancellation notice clause with a time period to be determined in conjunction with the requesting department. Cancellation notice will be no less than 90 days and no more than six months.

10. In accordance with the Public Tender Act, a tender opening will be held and the minutes, along with the price quotes, will be forwarded to the Procurement Officer.

11. The Procurement Officer will review the price quotes with the requestor or designate and/or consultant and make a recommendation for the award of the tender / proposal.

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