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Procedure for Data Removal - General

Approval Date: 2005-12-08

Effective Date: 2005-12-08

Responsible Unit: Information Technology Services


The steps to follow for the transfer of, removal of, disposal of, or surplus declaration of any data storage device or media include but are not limited to:

1. Computer property for transfer or surplus, with the exception of the Computer Purchasing Centre's Re-Distribution Program, require completion of the Surplus Property form. All computers for transfer or surplus require the signature of a Memorial IT-classified employee on the Surplus Property form, to ensure data removal.

2. Computer data-storage components, media or devices which are to be transferred or sold to a new internal user, or are determined to be obsolete, damaged, nonfunctional or otherwise unneeded, are to be handled in one of the following ways by administrative staff, repair/upgrade technicians, IT-classified staff or owners:

a. Data is to be erased by overwriting, so as not to be recoverable from the storage device or media.

b. Services contracted by Facilities Management for file and record disposal can be used to dispose of these devices/media. Items are to be stored in a safe place to provide protection against misuse, misplacement, damage, destruction, or theft, until picked up by the contracted company.

c. In some circumstances, destruction of the computer software and/or media may be the most cost effective strategy for eliminating any risk or liability to Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Persons, with any doubt as to how to adequately select the appropriate option, are to refer to IT-classified staff to ensure there is no risk or liability to Memorial University of Newfoundland.

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