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Probationary Review Process

Approval Date: 2004-04-08

Effective Date: 2013-11-05

Review Date: 2021-05-01


The Vice-President (Administration and Finance) through the Director of Human Resources


To review a new employee’s performance and overall suitability during the probationary period; to determine whether the employee’s status will be confirmed on the conclusion of his/her probationary period; and to provide an opportunity for facilitating constructive feedback and timely two-way communication between the employee and his/her immediate supervisor regarding work expectations, progress, and required adjustments.


All new University employees in non-academic positions, including both bargaining and non-bargaining employees employed in both permanent positions and contractual positions for a minimum of six (6) months. Employees of agencies and separately incorporated entities are excluded from this policy.


Campus Human Resources Designate - senior administrator at each campus who has authority in certain human resources poicy decisions.  The policy Authority assigns, in writing, the Campus Human Resources Designate.

Unit Head - includes Dean, Director and other senior administrators at a comparable level or above, including the President, Vice-Presidents and Associate Vice-Presidents.


The probationary period for employees is as follows:

  • six (6) months for bargaining and non-bargaining employees
  • twelve (12) months for management, professional and executive employees, unless stipulated otherwise in a written contract of employment.

An employee’s probationary period may be extended by up to an additional three months in the case of bargaining and non-bargaining, non-management/non-professional employees, and up to an additional six months in the case of management, professional and executive employees.

Extension of an employee’s probationary period must be agreed upon prior to the conclusion of the original probationary period, and will require the written, mutual agreement of the employee and the respective Unit Head as well as the approval of the Campus Human Resources Designate.

A probationary employee may be terminated for reasons of unsuitability at any time during the probationary period. The termination of a probationary employee is not subject to any form of review or appeal.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Department of Human Resources
The Department of Human Resources is responsible for the following:

  • maintaining and overseeing the probationary review process;
  • providing advice and guidance to departments regarding the application of this process in specific instances;
  • distributing Probationary Review Report forms for completion by immediate supervisors and Unit Heads, and verifying that a final Probationary Review Report form has been completed and submitted by the respective Unit Head before the permanent status of any probationary employee is confirmed by the University.

Employing Departments
Employing Departments are responsible for the following:

  • ensuring the effective and timely administration of this process for all new eligible employees in their areas of responsibility;
  • ensuring through frequent and ongoing communication between employees and supervisors that potential suitability issues and concerns are discussed and addressed on a timely basis;
  • ensuring that Probationary Review Report forms are completed and reviewed on a timely basis with employees to whom this process applies;
  • ensuring that timely action is taken to ensure that new employees who are not suitable in the positions for which they have been hired are not confirmed as having permanent employment status with the University.

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Approval Date: 2004-08-04
Effective Date: 2004-08-04


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