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Exit Interview

Approval Date: 2003-10-16

Effective Date: 2003-10-16

Review Date: 2021-05-01


Vice-President (Administration and Finance) and Vice-President (Academic) through the Director of Human Resources


To identify workplace, organizational or human resources factors which may have contributed to an employee's decision to leave employment at Memorial, or from a given department or faculty.


All employees of Memorial University, both academic and non-academic, who have been employed for at least twelve (12) consecutive calendar months, or any permanent employee of the university whose position changes from one department or faculty to another for reasons other than promotion or temporary secondment (e.g., lateral transfer or voluntary demotion, for reasons unrelated to a workplace accommodation).


All employees covered under the scope of the policy are requested to participate in an exit interview process if their employment ends without right of recall or if they voluntarily resign or retire. Exceptions for shorter periods of employment may be made at the departing employee's request.

Employees participate in the exit interview process on a voluntary basis. If an employee chooses to participate in an exit interview, he/she will be encouraged to be honest, candid, and constructive in their responses. If an employee declines an interview, he/she will be asked to sign an Exit Interview Questionnaire confirming that they were advised of this right to an interview.

The Department of Human Resources verifies that all employees who terminate their employment with Memorial have been either interviewed or declined the opportunity to be interviewed.

The Department of Human Resources submits an exit interview report to the Vice-President (Administration and Finance) on an annual basis. This report includes the following:

  • appropriate statistical information regarding the number and distribution of employee departures during the preceding year and her/his reasons for leaving;
  • an analysis and discussion of any trends or common themes which are suggested by the exit interview feedback;
  • a summary of any actions or interventions taken during the year on the basis of exit interview information; and,
  • any actions the Department feels are required in order to address any concerns or opportunities which are identified through exit interview feedback.


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