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Procedure for Pre-departure Preparation for Travel Outside of Canada

Approval Date: 2021-12-02

Effective Date: 2015-03-12

Responsible Unit: Office of the Chief Risk Officer


Pre-departure preparation serves to mitigate some risks and better prepare the Traveler for unforeseen and emergent situations. The University makes available current information, guidance, and support of Travel Outside of Canada. Travelers should avail of this information and support while planning, and during, their travel.

A. In preparation for travel outside of Canada, Travelers must:

1. Register their travel. Canadian citizens and permanent residents are advised to register with the Government of Canada prior to travelling outside of Canada. The travel registration is available here: Travelers who hold citizenship in other countries are advised to register their travel with the foreign office of their country of citizenship.

2. Ensure they have the appropriate travel documents (i.e. visa, entry documents, etc.) for their destination(s).

3. Ensure they have appropriate travel insurance coverage, including coverage for personal property. Loss of personal property is not covered by the University’s insurance policies. Some Travelers, depending on the specific destination(s), may be required to obtain travel insurance that includes trip cancellation and interruption coverage.

4. Familiarize themselves with the health risks and preventive measures associated with their specific destination(s).

5. Ensure they have an appropriate pre-departure health assessment, which includes appropriate vaccinations, necessary medication, etc. for their travel and destination(s).

Ensure they have adequate travel health insurance coverage.

B. In addition to the steps in section A, Travelers, who are students, and Activity Coordinators, must:

1. Complete the Survey available on Self-Service.

2. Register for MOBI 1000 on The MOBI 1000 modules provide pre-departure orientation modules with basic information for travel outside Canada, as well as specific information on travel, safety, and cultural customs for the specific destination(s).


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