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Procedure for Approval of Non-Academic Positions Recruitment

Approval Date: 2018-12-06

Effective Date: 2018-01-03

Responsible Unit: Department of Human Resources


Once it has been determined, through planning for the recruitment stage, that a Unit would like to proceed with the recruitment process, the following steps must occur to obtain approval for hiring.

All positions six months or longer in duration including permanent, contractual and contract extensions must be approved for hiring. To seek approval:

  • The Unit prepares a Justification for Hire and Request to Fill form.
  • The forms are submitted, along with a job description or draft advertisement to the Unit’s reporting portfolio Vice-President/President (as applicable) for approval.
  • The hiring request is reviewed and returned to the Unit once a decision has been made. If approved by the portfolio Vice-President/President (or delegate), the requesting Unit forwards along the Justification for Hire and the Request to Fill to the Department of Human Resources.

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