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Procedure for Transporting On/Off or Storing Weapons or Prop Weapons on Campus

Approval Date: 2018-09-19

Effective Date: 2018-09-19

Responsible Unit: Office of the Chief Risk Officer


All requests to store or transport Weapons, real or prop, on/off campus must be submitted to and approved by Office of the Chief Risk Officer (OCRO) or their Designate, using the Request to Transport On/Off or Store Weapons and Prop Weapons on Campus Form

In cases where Weapons and Prop Weapons must be transported on campus, they are to be carried in a non-transparent container or bag that completely covers them. Any off-campus transportation must be done by vehicle with a secure locking compartment. 

Requests must be submitted at least a week prior to the Weapon arriving on campus.

When the Office of the Chief Risk Officer or its designate decides upon the request, it informs the applicant and any units affected by the decision. 

Weapons are not permitted on campus unless approval is granted by the OCRO or they meet the exemptions in section 3.0 of the Weapons policy.

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