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Procedure for Artwork Loans

Approval Date: 2018-05-10

Effective Date: 2018-05-10

Responsible Unit: Grenfell Art Gallery


1. Borrowers of artwork from the Art Collection must meet the following requirements for consideration of a loan of Artwork:

  • make a request for loan in writing to the Curator or Art Liaison eight months in advance of shipping date for international loans, four months in advance of loan period for out of province loans, and three months in advance for loans in the province,
  • provide a Facility Report documenting environmental records of gallery and storage spaces for a period longer than two years, and
  • forward evidence of insurance coverage commensurate to the value of the requested Artwork.

2. If these requirements are met the Curator or Art Liaison will assess the loan according to availability, condition of the Artwork, the borrower's museological standards, and the benefit of the loan in terms of outreach and scholarship.

3. Should the Curator or Art Liaison decide to proceed with the loan, the borrower must meet the following steps to complete the loan:

a) Complete an "Outward Loan Agreement" indicating that the borrower maintains coverage at its expense, in the amount indicated by the lender, from the time the object leaves the Art Collection until the time it returns among other requirements.

b) Provide a loan fee of $150.00 for domestic loans and $400.00 for international loans, per work of art, as well as paying for any additional costs of crating or packing and any special matting, framing, or photography.

c) Agree to pay all shipping charges, including customs charges and brokerage fees and couriering charges when deemed necessary by the lender.

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