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Procedure for Disposal of Artwork

Approval Date: 2018-05-10

Effective Date: 2018-05-10

Responsible Unit: Grenfell Art Gallery


1. Any disposal of Artwork may only occur following deaccessioning and in accordance with the Procedure for Deaccessioning of Artwork, and pursuant to relevant laws, ethical guidelines and policies.

2. For deaccessioned Artwork that is in suitable condition, every effort is made to ensure that the Artwork remains in the public domain through transfer, public auction or exchange with another public institution.

3. The University strives to ensure that a deaccessioned Artwork which is significant to Canadian cultural heritage is retained in Canada, prioritizing collections held in the public trust and best suited to care and display.

4. Any proceeds realized from disposal are under the authority of the applicable campus Vice-President and consistent with best-practice are to be deployed in the maintenance or enhancement of the University collection.

5. Artworks can be intentionally destroyed if they are determined to:

a. be inauthentic, such as forgeries or reproductions, and of no archival or documentary value; or
b. substantially lack physical integrity and actively deteriorating to the point that they cannot reasonably be preserved or represent a hazard to the public or the wider collection.

6. No deaccessioning may result in an employee of the University or an Associate realizing any personal gain through acquisition of the deaccessioned work or share of proceeds obtained from its disposal. See the Conflict of Interest policy.

7. Where disposal involves the transfer of ownership, appropriate legal documents must be obtained. See Contract Administration policy.

8. When an Artwork has been disposed of, the Curator updates Inventory records accordingly. The Curator also notifies the Office of the Chief Risk Officer, in accordance with the Procedure for Reporting Changing Conditions for Insurance.

9. In circumstances other than accidental destruction or loss, the manner of disposal should be in the best interest of the University.

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