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Procedure for Recognition of Prior Service for Annual Leave

Approval Date: 2018-03-15

Effective Date: 2018-04-01

Responsible Unit: Department of Human Resources


An Employee should request recognition of previous service upon hire with the University. The Employee makes a written request to the Department of Human Resources using the Recognition of Prior Service for Annual Leave Request Form application. A list of recognized organizations is maintained on the Department of Human Resources website.

This request is forwarded by the Unit Head to the Department of Human Resources.

The Department of Human Resources processes the request and notifies the Employee in writing as to whether or not the prior service will be recognized. Human Resources will make any necessary adjustments to annual leave entitlement.

It is important to note that the following standard provisions apply:

  1. It is the responsibility of the Employee of Memorial University to request that prior service be recognized for determining annual vacation entitlement. Employees are required to provide a confirmation of prior service in writing from the previous employer(s) as proof of service. If the prior service was with Memorial University, the Employee is responsible for completing the Recognition of Prior Service for Annual Leave Request Form but details surrounding the previous period of appointment will be confirmed within the Department of Human Resources.
  2. If the letter confirming prior service is received within 60 Days of appointment, the University will recognize the service for annual entitlement effective to the date of appointment. An Employee can request recognition for prior service at any time during their employment with the University but if received after the first 60 Days of initial appointment, recognized service will be retroactive to the date the request was received.
  3. The number of years and months of service to be counted when determining service for annual leave purposes is rounded to the number of years and months. For example, if the Employee has five (5) years, six (6) months, and twelve (12) days of prior service, the Employee will receive credit for five years and six months. Two thirds of (1) one month will be rounded to one (1) month.
  4. Prior service recognized for determining annual leave entitlement is not recognized as service for severance or redundancy payment. The Employee is required to sign the Recognition of Prior Service for Annual Leave Request Form with their request.
  5. Prior part time service is recognized in the same manner as full time prior service but on a pro-rated basis.
  6. Previous periods of employment in positions that were paid a percentage of salary in lieu of benefits will not be recognized for annual leave accrual.

Policies using this procedure: