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Procedure for Requesting Institutional Survey Approval

Approval Date: 2016-10-05

Effective Date: 2017-01-01

Responsible Unit: Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning


1.  University Units or subsidiaries (the "requestor") that intend to conduct an Institutional Survey must complete the Institutional Survey Request Form.  The Procedure for Administering Institutional surveys should be referred to when completing the request form.

2.  A completed Institutional Survey Request Form must be submitted by the "requestor" to CIAP. The completed form should be submitted as early as practicable before the anticipated commencement of the survey so that sufficient time is available for consideration of the request.

3.  CIAP carries out an initial review of the Institutional Survey Request Form for content and completeness and will contact the "requestor" if clarification is needed on any item(s).

4.  CIAP forwards the Institutional Survey Request Form and any supplementary documentation to memebers of the ISOC for their review and approval.

5.  The ISOC's decision to approve an Institutional Survey request is made in accordance with the guiding principles stated in the Institutional Surveys policy.  Ihe ISOC may request additional information from the "requestor" as part of the review process.

6.  The decision of the ISOC is one of:

  • Not approved
  • Approved, with amendments
  • Approved, as submitted

The decision is communicated to the “requestor” in a written response from the ISOC.

7.  If an institutional survey request is not approved, the rationale for the decision is provided in the written response from the ISOC.

8.  If an institutional survey request is approved with amendments, those shall be included in the written response from ISOC. The "requestor" must incorporate those into the Institutional Survey before proceeding. 

Policies using this procedure: