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Procedure for Gift Acknowledgement and Donor Recognition

Approval Date: 2015-07-09

Effective Date: 2015-07-09

Responsible Unit: Office of Development


The University has a donor-centered approach to its fundraising programs. Donor recognition guidelines and processes are based on the needs and wishes of donors and allow the flexibility required to respect the individuality of the donor, the donation and the unit. The key purpose of donor recognition is to extend sincere respect and appropriate gratitude to donors who support the University.

Gift Acknowledgement

Most cash gifts and pledges, regardless of value or designated use, are acknowledged by the Office of Development through official correspondence within seven business days. A charitable tax receipt may also be issued from the Advancement Services and Operations unit in the Office of Development. This document indicates the designation of the gift and the official donation receipt for tax purposes.

All units receiving funds processed by the Office of Development are notified of the gift designation through University financial reports.

Donor Recognition

Donors are recognized and thanked in accordance with the University’s donor recognition guidelines, which strive to ensure each donor is involved and engaged with the University. Naming recognition follows the Naming Opportunities policy.


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