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Procedure for Declining a Gift

Approval Date: 2015-07-09

Effective Date: 2015-07-09

Responsible Unit: Office of Development


A donation may be declined if the gift:

  • Constitutes a non-gift as per CRA IT-110R3;
  • Has unusual features that are contrary with the vision, mission and values of the University;
  • Could not be fairly assessed and processed prior to calendar year end as per CRA gift in kind guidelines;
  • Could financially or morally jeopardize the donor and/or the University;
  • Contains terms that are contrary to public policy;
  • Is unable to be honoured by the University to carry out the terms of the gift;
  • Cannot be determined for its appropriate fair market value, or will result in unwarranted or unmanageable expense to the University;
  • Has physical or environmental hazards to the University in accepting the offered gift;
  • Could jeopardize the University’s charitable status;
  • Could improperly benefit any individual, including having regard to CRA guidelines;
  • Consists of property that has been assigned a tax shelter number;
  • Violates any federal, provincial or municipal law;
  • Creates any fund to provide scholarships, fellowships, professorships, chairs or lecture series with restrictive clauses or that reserve to the donor or his/her representative the right to designate the recipient or that do not meet academic criteria determined by the Senate;
  • Commits the University to name a faculty, program or Endowment Fund without prior approval of the Board of Regents;
  • Compromises the University’s academic integrity or interferes with the University’s academic independence;
  • Contains unreasonable conditions;
  • Is of partial interest in property, unless the University agrees otherwise;
  • Is financially unsound or would expose the University to liability or embarrassment; and
  • Relies on appraisal or evaluation, provided to the donor by third parties that are perceived to beinaccurate or unreliable.

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