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Procedure for Requesting an Upscale Hire

Approval Date: 2014-10-16

Effective Date: 2014-10-16

Responsible Unit: Department of Human Resources


If a candidate wishes to negotiate an upscale salary upon initial hire, the following steps may be taken:

  1. The candidates’ salary request will be recorded.

  2. The Department of Human Resources will consult with the Hiring Manager or Departmental Representative regarding the candidates’ request.

  3. The HR Advisor will complete an analysis of similarly classified positions within the university, noting the candidates’ education and experience levels, in addition to their current salary.  From this, it will be determined whether the current candidates request can be matched, or if not matched, a maximum salary offer will be determined based upon maintaining an equitable relationship amongst employees currently employed in similarly classified positions.

  4. The HR Advisor will prepare a briefing note that outlines the rationale for the recommended salary based on the completed analysis.  In addition to salary information compiled from the analysis of similarly classified positions, the briefing note will include background details of the position being filled, such as the qualifications required; the number of applicants that applied on the position; the number of candidates interviewed; and the education and experience of the recommended candidate.

  5. The upscale hire briefing note will be reviewed by a representative from the hiring department and they will either provide or deny support for the recommended salary as determined by the HR Advisor. The HR Advisor will include the department comments with the briefing note that is then submitted to the Manager, Client and Advisory Services for review. This is then submitted to the Director of Human Resources, or assigned designate for approval.

  6. Once approvals are received, the candidate is contacted again with the results of the analysis. This process can continue until the candidate either accepts or declines. If preferred candidates decline an offered position on the basis of salary, consideration may be given to:

a.  Providing  a new or revised salary offer;
b.  moving forward with other candidates in the competition file; or
c.  engaging in additional recruitment activity to identify other suitable candidates.

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