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Procedure for Inviting Foreign Self-funded Researchers

Approval Date: 2014-08-05

Effective Date: 2014-08-05

Responsible Unit: Division of Faculty Relations


Visiting Self-Funded Researchers are those conducting research activities in their field of study at the University and have autonomous funding arrangements other than an award.  To fall under this category visiting self-funded researchers must meet the following conditions:

  • Provide their own financial support;
  • Research must be the visitor’s own project;
  • There must be no displacement of Canadian or permanent resident workers;
  • There is no employer-employee relationship with the University;
  • There is no remuneration to either the researcher or the Memorial University for the visitor’s research

In accordance with CIC, persons who fall under this category are exempt from a LMIA. A work permit is not required. A TRV is required if the self-funded researcher is from a country requiring a visa to visit Canada

Steps for Unit

1) All Visiting Self-Funded Researchers will receive a letter of appointment. The letter is issued by the Unit Head, following a recommendation by the Department Head, where appropriate.

2) Letters of appointment for foreign Visiting Self-Funded Researchers will contain the following phrase:

This offer is subject to compliance with the immigration laws of Canada and is conditional on any approvals, authorizations and/or permits in respect of your employment that may be required under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and in the regulations made pursuant to that Act.  If you have any questions please contact the Office of Faculty Relations at 864-4732.

3) The Office of Faculty Relations will be copied on all letters of appointment for foreign Visiting Self-Funded Researchers. 

Steps for Foreign Visiting Self-Funded Researcher

4) Visiting Self-Funded Researchers should consult with the visa office for the country or region where s/he lives to ensure that they have the appropriate documentation to come to Canada. 

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