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Procedure for Familiarization Visit Expenses

Approval Date: 2014-12-01

Effective Date: 2014-12-01

Responsible Unit: Department of Financial and Administrative Services


1. Upon approval of the appointment of the candidate by the respective Vice-President or the Director of Human Resources, the Unit Head should discuss the Familiarization Visit policy and related travel procedures with the newly appointed employee and document the details of the arrangements.

2. Travel and accommodation arrangements may be handled through three options:

a. Arranged and paid for directly by the University unit.
b. Arranged and paid for by the newly appointed employee and reimbursed to the employee after the visit. 
c. A combination of options a. and b.

3. After completion of the familiarization visit, if applicable the newly appointed employee will submit a request for reimbursement on the Travel Claim form to the Unit Head.

4. Original vouchers covering travel expenses (i.e. airline tickets/boarding passes, gas receipts, hotel bills, ferry charges, and meals) must accompany the Travel Claim form. In accordance with Canada Revenue Agency Guidelines, credit card receipts do not qualify as receipts except for gas purchases. The meal per diem will be as per the Schedule of Reimbursable Expenses.

5. If the newly appointed employee is claiming costs in lieu of airfare, a quotation for the applicable economy airfare must be attached.

Policies using this procedure: