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Establishment of University Institutes and Centres

Approval Date: 0000-00-00

Effective Date: 2001-04-01

Review Date: 2017-05-01


Board of Regents


To facilitate the establishment of new Institutes and Centres.


All units collaborating beyond existing organizational structures and using the Memorial University name


Opportunities for intellectual collaboration beyond established organizational structures are encouraged at Memorial University through the creation of Institutes and Centres dedicated to particular academic purposes. Authorization for such groupings is provided by Senate and the Board of Regents. Only with such authorization may these groupings use the Memorial name as part of their title and carry out their business as an Institute or Centre.

There are two different types of groupings that can be formed.

Institutes and Centres with Indirect University Support

This type of grouping needs formal recognition in order to promote academic co-operation among the participants and to increase their chances of securing external support, make few demands on University resources other than the indirect ones associated with the normal infrastructural support for scholarly activities. The leadership and organizational structure of such a group is determined by the members and no stipend is provided for any Director. The creation of this type of grouping should make minimal demands on space, University staff, or University resources. See Procedure for Establishing Institutes and Centres - Indirect University Support.

Institutes and Centres with Direct University Support

This type of grouping is one in which a more complex organizational and support structure is desirable and which often requires the commitment of additional University resources over and above general infrastructural support. In these cases a more rigorous process of approval is required. Normally the Director of such a grouping will be appointed by Senate and the Board of Regents.  See Procedures for Establishing Institutes and Centres - Direct University Support..


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