Faculty & Staff Resources

The Academic Success Centre provides support to help students achieve their academic goals through learner success programming and facilitation of a Supplemental Instruction program for the St. John’s campus.  The ASC aims to improve the academic experience for all students, regardless of their year, program, academic standing or whether they are on-campus, remote, or online.

We welcome the opportunity to work with instructors, TAs, and staff as partners to assist students along their academic journey.


Refer a student

Students can be referred to the ASC for:

  • Online  learning skills resources  that can help manage common academic challenges.
  • Workshops and strategy sessions on topics such as time management, study skills, and exam preparation.
  • Centralized access and assistance navigating Memorial's academic supports and services.

Students can be referred to succeed@mun.ca to get in touch with us directly.


Request a customized workshop

To situate the development of learning skills within the classroom, we offer the option of workshops or resources that can be customized by request to meet particular course or student needs.

To inquire about a customized workshop or resource, please contact us at succeed@mun.ca.


Peer-Assisted Learning

A new offering for the broader St. John’s campus, the ASC will be facilitating a Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) program that offers facilitated group learning opportunities for students in targeted courses. Peer-Assisted Learning follows the Supplemental Instruction program model, established at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 1973.  This program model has been shown to improve student success in participating courses by offering an opportunity for students to work with their peers to enhance their understanding of difficult course concepts. More information can be found in the PAL Instructor FAQs.

Instructors interested in PAL are encouraged to contact us for more information about participating in the program.