Institutional Awards Committees

Awards for exceptional performance in teaching, research as well as other contributions to the community contribute to the creation of a pool of strong candidates for external awards, thereby expanding Memorial’s profile locally, nationally and internationally. Such recognition not only adds to the personal satisfaction of nominees, but also to the institution’s reputation, especially when such individuals are recognized for their contributions to Memorial’s success.

The university has implemented an institutional awards and recognition process whereby nominees are put forward for individual faculty awards, and the recipients of such awards are subsequently channeled for consideration for various institutional awards offered annually to faculty and staff.

The  Faculty/School/Campus Awards Committees will play an important role in the development of this process. These Committees will be tasked with selecting individuals from their units for possible recognition at various award levels (internally and externally).

Some Awards Committees are yet to be established, while others are underway and have specific guidelines already developed. Suggested Terms of Reference for these committees can be downloaded. 

The Awards Committee will work with the Manager, Awards and Honours to bring forward nominees in a timely and consistent fashion for the various institutional awards.

The nominees considered annually for institutional awards will be entered into a database which is maintained by the Manager, Awards and Honours. This database will play an integral part in the external awards process whereby individuals may be selected for nomination based upon relevant award criteria.

An Awards Advisory Committee has also been created to provide guidance to the Manager, Awards and Honours regarding possible candidates for nomination and to ensure that information is shared among all faculties/schools/campuses.