Past Recipients

Robin Baggs, Office of the Registrar
Adrian Dobre, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
Jennifer Howell, Academic and Student Affairs Office, Marine Institute
Marie-Claude Renaud, Conference Services, Grenfell Campus
Environmental Health and Safety Team, Office of the Chief Risk Officer

Janet Bartlett, Faculty of Medicine
Yuri Gidge, Student Residences
Carol Gilbert, School of Science and Environment
Ernest Stapleton, Faculty of Science, Procurement Centre
Lynette Wells, Campus Enforcement and Control

Angelo Casanas, Genesis Centre
Mary Flinn, Department of Chemistry
Rick Lawes, Facilities Management
Sharon Pippy, Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning
Brian Quinn, Marine Institute

Dan Dillon, Student Life
Caroline Koenig, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
Barbara Morrissey, Faculty of Medicine
Keith Small, Department of Facilities Management
Carol Sullivan, School of Graduate Studies

Bernard Brockerville, Marine Institute
Juanita Hennessey, Internationalization Office
Jinghua Nie, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
Ann Sanger, Queen Elizabeth II Library
Mary Wall, Dean of Science Office

Patricia Barker, Animal Care Services
Dallas Collins, Information Technology Services
Constance Fudge, Campus Enforcement and Patrol (CEP)
Derrick Kelloway, Offshore Safety and Survival Centre
Thomas Mallard, Facilities Management

Mary Dray, Faculty of Medicine
Lisa Fleet, Faculty of Medicine
Arlene McDonald, Marine Institute
Darlene Spraklin-Reid, Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support (DELTS)
Wendy Murphy,Campus Enforcement and Patrol (CEP)
Lynette Wells, Campus Enforcement and Patrol (CEP)

Gwen Hanson, Financial and Administrative Services
Paul Kavanagh, Facilities Management
Bernadette Power, Faculty of Education
Wayne Rose, Finance and Operations, Student Affairs and Services
Heather Wareham, Maritime History Archive

Lynn Cadigan, Alumni Affairs and Development
Andrew Kim, School of Graduate Studies
Phyllis McCann, Office of the Registrar
Roxanne Preston, Office of Student Recruitment
Kimberly Thornhill, Marketing and Business Development, Marine Institute

Robert Barker, Human Resources
Pam Clancey, Financial and Administrative Services
Mary Beth Hutchens, School of Social Work
Albert Johnson, Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support (DELTS)
Jo-Anne Philpott, Community Education and College Relations, Grenfell Campus

Lynn Best, Human Resources
Rick Predham, Central Mail Services
Marilyn Forward, Community Education and College Relations
Jane Ryan, The Commons, QEII
Ann Marie Vaughan, Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support (DELTS)

Dennis Flynn, Faculty of Business Administration
Jeff Green, Division of Marketing and Communications
Michael Jackson, Gateway West
Karen Morris, Department of Biology
David Yetman, Harris Centre

Moya Crocker, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
Ginny Ryan, The Writing Centre
Debbie Earles, ACEnet
Jusy Casey, Scholarships and Awards
Denise Hooper, Faculty of Arts/Career Development and Experimental Learning

Greg Bennett, Department of Computing and Communications
Linda Kirby, Faculty of Medicine
Zita Murphy, Division of Student Affairs and Services
Sonja Knuston, Division of Student Affairs and Services
Gary Collins, Department of Biology