Dean Heather Carnahan invited to give prestigious lecture

Oct 22nd, 2014

Michelle Osmond

Dr. Heather Carnahan
Dean Heather Carnahan invited to give prestigious lecture

Dean Heather Carnahan received a special recognition recently. Dr. Carnahan was invited to be the 2014 Wilberg Lecturer at the Canadian Society for Psychomotor Learning and Sport Psychology (SCAPPS) annual conference; an invitation that is recognition for career contributions to the field of motor learning and control. Dr. Carnahan presented Skill learning: From lab to life at the conference, which was held in London, Ontario from October 16-18.

Dr. Carnahan’s research involves studying the role of sensory inputs such as touch and vision in the performance of skilled hand movements. She also applies current motor control and learning theory to studying the acquisition of technical clinical skills in medicine and other health professions, and in challenging environments such as zero gravity.

SCAPPS started up in 1969 as a meeting of scholars, both faculty and graduate students, interested in research in psychomotor learning and sport psychology. It was founded as a society in 1977. Its main objectives are to promote the study of motor control, motor learning, motor development, and sport psychology in Canada and to encourage the exchange of views and scientific information in the fields related to psychomotor learning and sport psychology.