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The main Financial and Administrative Services office is located on the second floor of the Arts and Administration Building, AA-2022.  

Mailing Address:

Financial and Administrative Services
Memorial University of Newfoundland
P.O. Box 4200, Station 'C'
St. John's, Newfoundland Canada, A1C 5S7

Telephone: (709) 864-8222


Contact Us

Accounts Payable, Nicole Codner
Room A2022, 864-4392,

AP TEAM Extension Vendor Letters Vendor Feeds
Nicole Codner 4392    
Arlene Scott 2497 A B D T U Y Z Aramark, Purolator Feed, Medicine Feeds, Various Feed Reports
Marion Traverse 8224 C E I L Q W Newfoundland Power, Wire Transfers & JV's
Joan Andrews 2003 F H J M P V X #'s  
Elaine Tucker  2496 G K N O R S PF Collins, Fedex, Mail Distributor


Cashier's Office & Student Account Enquiries,
Room A1023, 864-8228,

Customs, Doug Rowe
Ingstad Building, 864-4517,

Financial Reporting & Anaylsis, Peter Mooney
Room A1001A, 864-2174,

Financial Systems, Bill Hillyard
Room A1001A, 864-8996,

Strategic Procurement Administrator, Paula Hynes
Ingstad Building, 864-4524,

Print and Mail Services, Lou Mulrooney
Ingstad Building, 864-4876,

Research Accounting, Melissa Squires
Room A1027, 864-2471,

Travel and Disbursements, Alicia Boland
Room A2022, 864-2597,

Administrative Staff Specialist III, Angela Crant
A2022, 864-8305,

Manager,  Heather Whelan
Room A2022, 864-4391,

Manager - Strategic Procurement,  Keith Field
Ingstad Building, 864-4605,

Associate Director Strategic Procurement, Deanne Piercey
Ingstad Building, 864-7593,

Associate Director, Cheryl Whitten
Room A2022, 864-8221,

Director, Deborah Collis
Room A2022, 864-8222,