Marine Institute Students


Memorial University can be set up as a payee for most major banks so you can pay your student account using telephone or online banking. Further information on the use of this banking system can be obtained from your local branch.

If you are paying your account by Visa or MasterCard, you may do so by accessing the Memorial Self Service link at

Deadline dates may differ for students at Marine Institute. Please refer to your Marine Institute diary for applicable drop dates and late payment penalties. Penalties will be applied after the 100% drop date.

If you are receiving a Student Loan, the amount of all fees including housing will be deducted from your loan.

For general information regarding the Health and Dental plan with Marine Institute Student Union please visit

Mail payments must be by cheque or money order payable to Marine Institute and must be received within the Marine Institute's diary deadlines to avoid late payment penalties. The University cannot accept responsibility for cash sent through the mail.