Moneris Convenience Fees - FAQ's





What credit cards are accepted as a payment option on Memorial Self-Service?

As of June 13, 2018 MasterCard and Visa will be the only credit cards accepted to pay online student accounts.



Why is a convenience fee being charged if I use my credit card to pay my student account?

Credit cards are a very costly payment option.  The annual cost of accepting credit cards for student account payments at Memorial University was more than $500,000 and growing.  Memorial has decided that it can no longer continue to pay the fees charged by Visa and MasterCard to accept credit card payments for student accounts.  However, an agreement has been signed with Moneris Solutions whereby Moneris will provide the ability to pay for tuition fees online using VISA or MasterCard.  In exchange for this service, Moneris will charge students a convenience fee.



Why doesn't Memorial negotiate a better deal with the credit card companies?

The fees paid by Memorial for credit card transactions are not negotiable. The credit card companies set them and the university is unable to change them.



How much will the fee be?

The convenience fee paid to Moneris will be 2.25 per cent of the amount paid.  This fee is set by Moneris and is subject to change in the future. 



Can I still pay on my account in person using a credit card if I pay the convenience fee?

No, a convenience fee is not allowed to be charged on a card present transaction.  If you want to use a credit card to pay your student account it must be done through Memorial Self-Service.



Who gets the convenience fee?

Memorial University does not receive any of the convenience fee.  The fee is paid directly to Moneris.  When you pay using a credit card, there will be two charges on your statement; one from Memorial and a separate charge from Moneris for the convenience fee.



Is the convenience fee refundable?

No, the fee is not refundable.  It is a charge by Moneris to allow for the payment by credit card.  If you drop your course in time for a refund, the tuition will be refunded but the convenience fee will not.



When is a convenience fee not charged?

Memorial University will continue to accept credit cards without charging a convenience fee for other payments such as application fees, residence application fees and residence deposits, parking fees, purchases at university bookstores, and donations.



What charges are included in my student account?

Fees charged to your student account may be paid by credit card through Memorial Self-Service, if a convenience fee is paid.  The following fees are charged to your student account:

  • Tuition
  • Residence fees
  • Meal plans
  • Health and dental
  • Student union fees
  • Recreation fee
  • CITL administration fee
  • Late fees



Why are you permitting application fees to be paid by credit card without charging a convenience fee?

The application process is an online process with a very small fee. Since prospective students are applying from various parts of the country and the world, this is the most effective method of payment.  The credit card fees associated with accepting an application fee are small.  To process any other method of payment would cost the university more, so accepting credit cards for a low value fee is less costly than other payment options for the university.



What are my other payment options?

For other payment options accepted by Memorial please visit our Methods of Payment webpage.



Did students have a say in this decision?

This was a decision of the Board of Regents, Memorial's highest administrative authority.  A working group was appointed to examine the change and provide input into implementation.  The working group included representation from administrative and academic units across the university, and graduate and undergraduate student unions at all campuses.



What is happening at other universities?

Many universities are discontinuing the use of credit cards entirely due to high costs.  Some 30 universities across the country have discontinued the use of credit cards to pay fees, including Dalhousie University, McGill, and the University of British Columbia.  Several other universities, such as Mount Allison, have never accepted credit card payments.



When did convenience fee start?

The fee was implemented during the June 29, 2013 weekend and came into effect on July 1, 2013.



When I pay by credit card the payment is reflected on my account immediately.  If I don't use a credit card when will  the payment be reflected in my account?

The alternate forms of payment will not be received as quickly as a credit card payment.  Payment by mail may take up to one week or more depending on the mail service. Payment using online banking is governed by your bank but usually is received within two business days after the payment is made.  Check with your bank to confirm.  Students with outstanding fees need to be aware of the delays if they are not paying by credit card, and will need to make their payment earlier to meet any required deadlines.



How do I pay using online or telephone banking?

Memorial is set up as online payee with most major banks.  Just follow three easy steps:

  1.  Log on to your bank's online or telephone payment system and set up Memorial University as a payee.
  2. Follow your bank's instructions to make a payment to MUN.  Your student ID is your account number.
  3. Go to, log into and check your student account to ensure the payment has been applied.  Payments should be processed within two business days.






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