Past Group Members

  • Christiane Schuld
  • Work term exchange student from Mannheim, Germany

  • Liam Farday
  • Research Assistant

  • Santosh Gupta
  • M.Sc. Student
    Research: The Studying the electrostatic interactions between the peptide and the monolayers
    Current Position: Engineering student, Ottawa

  • Tran-Chin Yang
  • Postdoctoral Fellow
    Research: Studies of lipids and proteins by NMR spectroscopy.

  • Sarah Bourbigot
  • Postdoctoral Fellow
    Academic Background: PhD in Molecualr PharmacologyResearch: NMR structural studies of antimicrobial peptides and of peptides associated with psoriasis.
    Current Position: Postdoc at the IECB (institut europeen de chimie et biologie)

  • Leslie Martin
  • Intern

  • Joanne Evans
  • Research Assistant
    Research: Collaborative project with new lab

  • John Bartlett
  • Summer Student
    B.Sc. Queen's
    Research: Molecular dynamics simulations
    Current Position: Master's of Applied Science (MASc) candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering at
    UBC .

  • Kayla Shea
  • Honours Student (currently graduate student).
    Research: The study of dynamics of hairpin DNA using NMR spectroscopy and melting studies.

  • Bretta Russell-Shultz
  • Honours Student

  • Erin Dodd
  • Summer Student
    B.Sc. candidate, MUN
    Research: Antimicrobial Proteins

  • Nichole Cumby
  • Summer Student
    B.Sc. candidate, MUN
    Research: Study of Antimicrobial peptide RP-1; structure in SDS micelles with various paramagnetic probes using NMR

  • June Stewart
  • Research Assistant
    (under CIHR grant with Kevin Keough and Kaushik Nag)
    Research: Protein production

  • Doyle Rose
  • M.Sc. Student (co-supervised with Kaushik Nag)
    Research: Molecular dynamics simulations of lung surfactant lipids and proteins.

  • Chrystal Horwood
  • Honours Student
    Research: Project on NMR structural studies of antimicrobial peptide RP-1.

  • Sheila Kennedy
  • MUCEP Student
    Research: Micelles as membrane mimetics for NMR structural studies.

  • Diana White
  • Honours Student (co-supervised with Jolanta Lagowski)
    Research: Molecular dynamics simulations of lung surfactant proteins in solvent.

  • Derrick Lee
  • Undergraduate Student (co-supervised with Kaushik Nag
    Research: Structure-function relationships in antimicrobial peptides.

  • Christian Jungfer
  • Candidate for German diploma similar to M.Sc.
    Academic background: 3 years Traning with German Pharmaceutical company, Gruenenthal
    Research: Developing a protein based drug against psoriasis

  • Mansour Almatarneh
  • Postdoctoral Fellow
    Academic Background: Ph.D in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
    Research: Molecular dynamics simulations of protein associated with psoriasis


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