Courses I'm teaching now or in the recent past

  • Biochemistry 2201: Introduction to Biochemistry is an introduction to the major organic substances of living organisms, proteins, carbohydrates and lipids: their structure, analysis and biochemical function. Other topics will include: enzymes; the biochemistry of membranes, including the plasma membrane and specialized intracellular membranes; and the biochemistry of selected differentiated cells.
  • Biochemistry 2901: Biochemistry Laboratory develops robust basic biochemistry lab skills in the context of a biotechnology project; students purify and characterize a recombinantly expressed enzyme. Students learn skills including safety, pipetting, buffer calculations, making solutions, protein bioinformatics, techniques for protein enrichment, enzyme kinetics measurements and calculations, graphing data, keeping a lab book, teamwork, critical analysis and presentation of their work in several formats. Students may co-author a scientific publication based on their results.

Courses I've taught or co-taught in the past:

  • Biochemistry 3105:  Physical Biochemistry
  • Biochemistry 4101: Proteins
  • Biochemistry 4201: Membranes - Structure and Function
  • Biochemistry 499:  Dissertion
  • Biochemistry 6460:  Structural Biochemistry