Nathan Agnew


  • M.Sc. Candidate (Biochemistry)
  • Research: My project involves Molecular Dynamics Simulation (MD Sims) of Natural and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) damaged lung surfactant proteins; specifically unmodified and oxidized truncated isoforms of SP-B (Surfactant Protein B) or Mini-B in complex with lipid monolayers composed of 7:3 ratio of DPPC:POPG. MD Sims will provide insight into structural changes induced by modification including 
    1) degree of similarity between structures found in curved micelles vs. planar lipid systems;
    2) preferred peptide depth within monolayers and/or bilayers; and
    3) preferred peptide orientationwith monolayers and/or bilayers.
    MD Sims will be repeated using oxidative modifications to assess the impact of the modifications on peptide orientation and/or depth and provide high quality predictions that can be directly compared to results gained from solid state NMR.
  • Academic Background:
    B.Sc. (Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry double major) University of Houston, Texas



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