Researcher Profiles


Department Head: Yuri Muzychka


Ali Nasiri:Fusion and solid-state welding of advanced materials, Microstructure and mechanical properties of welded components, Welding of high strength pipeline steels, Corrosion evaluation of welded components, Joining of dissimilar metal combinations, Lightweight materials, Thermochemical analysis of weld metal phase transformation.

Anand Sharan: Robotics, rotor dynamics and CAE

Andy Fisher: Design and product realization, manufacturing

Geoff Rideout: Automated model generation and simplification in robotic, land, and sea vehicles

George Mann: Autonomous robot control and navigation, intelligent control, multi-variable control, image analysis and vision-based robotic navigation

Greg Naterer: Energy systems, heat transfer, multiphase and reacting flows, hydrogen production, entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics

James Yang: Nonlinear dynamics, random dynamics and applied mechanics

Kevin Pope: Chemically reactive multiphase flows, Energy systems, energy storage, Second Law applications to thermal / fluids, Energy efficiency, process integration

Mohammad Al Janaideh:Mechatronics, Nano-positioning, Motion control systems, Dynamic systems and control

Neil Hookey: Computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer

Oscar De Silva: State estimation, control systems, nonlinear dynamics, navigation systems, sensor design, localization and mapping, intelligent prosthetics

Rocky Taylor:Ice-load estimation for the design of offshore structures and the mechanics of compressive ice failure

Sam Nakhla: CAD and FEA for modelling, simulation, analysis and design, structural health monitoring (metal corrosion and composites), modeling and simulation of medical equipment

Xili Duan: Phase change heat transfer, heat transfer with nanofluids and micro/nano-engineered structures, combustion thermal design and thermal management/cooling of electronic and power systems, multiphase flow and separation and etroleum and petrochemical process machinery

Yuri Muzychka: Heat transfer, fluid dynamics, two phase flow, process flow modelling, micro/mini-channel flows, thermal design and optimization of heat exchangers, electronics packaging and cooling


Mechanical Engineering

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